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I started my insurance career in 1981 with Sedgwick, keen to “get out to work” after A Levels at Public School and with the questionable wisdom of an 18 year old, deciding that insurance broking had to be a better choice than merchant banking as I could progress to owning an insurance brokerage but not a merchant bank!

7 years later, with great training and a Registered Insurance Broker title under my belt, I fell into insurance recruitment, in the pre-internet days of typewriters, pulse dialing phones, yellow pages and paper files!

A year later, at the tender age of 25, and I was running my own insurance recruitment operation which I’ve continued doing for the last 33 years.

Combined with insurance broking recruitment, I’ve been extensively involved over the years in successfully arranging the sale of insurance businesses and satisfying my passion for helping vendors realise the value of the businesses they have worked so hard to build.

I am delighted to be able to represent my vendor clients – insurance brokers, PMI brokers, MGAs and IFAs – and to work with some of the most serious insurance sector acquirers in the UK whose brand, resources, markets, facilities and buying power can continue the growth and assure the long term success of the businesses they acquire.

I manage the entire sale/purchase process from initial enquiry to fact finding to marketing to introduction to valuation to negotiation through due diligence to completion.

I’ve been successful in completing an ever increasing number of acquisitions, taking great pleasure from the satisfaction of vendors and acquirers.

In my spare time, I enjoy our two beautiful Cavalier King Charles girl puppies, travel, good food and of course my wife telling me when I’m not right!


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  • Insurance Sector Acquisitions and insurance broking
  • 40 years insurance sector experience
  • Former Registered Broker