Access To A Wide Range Of Acquirers

Leading Acquirers, Maximum Choice, Optimal Experience

What we recognise first and foremost is that this is your business.

It is a business which you will no doubt have built and run over many years, the product of your considerable sweat and toil.

Next to taking a first mortgage, selling your business will probably be the biggest and most crucial financial decision of your life.

So when it comes to you considering an exit, everything has to be right, from valuation to any arrangement of your continued involvement to how an acquirer will take care of your staff to whether an acquirer shares your views and values on the maintenance and development of your business and client service.

Our relationships with a highly select panel of acquirers have been developed and maintained over a good number of years and those acquirers’ continuing inclusion on our panel is based on a number of key attributes:


  1. Trust – we have to be certain, at all times, that our acquirers will deal confidentially and professionally with all enquiries. 
  2. Finances – we will only deal with acquirers who can demonstrate having sufficient resources to fund any acquisition.
  3. Knowledge – Acquirers are selected on the basis of their experience of making acquisitions, their ability to undertake the acquisition process and their expertise in integrating an acquired business.


We also firmly believe in you, our vendor clients, having choices and therefore access to a small range of relevant acquirers. In this way, you will have the ability to compare the various offerings available for your business.

We have dealings with most of the UK’s major acquirers, shown below, plus many others further under the radar. 

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